What’s the IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa

  • As a character of the command tower, in order to present strategies of industrial growth and to improve productivity and international competitiveness of the entire ICT industry, the Center will be established by the public and private organizations in 2018 summer.

  • ICT could bring the innovation to boost the whole business climate and impact on not only the tourism industry which focus on Okinawa’s strengths and distinctive industries but also the Logistics, manufacturing, agriculture and finance industries. According to demonstration projects and business matching, the Center aim to develop the new business and services to the entire world.



  1. Start from ICT industry in Okinawa, the Center suggests the growth strategy which could boost the whole business by using latest technology.
  2. As an innovation base in Okinawa, the Center will solve the problems in the industry and create a new value by implementing the growth strategy through the business activities.
  3. We aim to create new business and social systems in the “IT Innovation Island” and it will also be the base with the combination of cash flow, logistics, crowd flow and information from all over the world.


  • Setting the Center could create adding value to promote the willing of industry innovation in Okinawa.
  • ”Okinawa Bankoku Shinryo” compete globally and aim to become a driving force for the Japanese economy.


Organization name IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa (abbreviation: isco)
Address 4F Naha-shi IT Souzoukan 2-3-6 Mekaru, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken 900-0004 Japan
Purpose As a character of the command tower, the Center will provide the suggestions of strategies of industrial growth to improve industry productivity and international competitiveness of the entire industry by widely using IT technology.
Business contents
    1. Widely using the industry growth strategy, the Center does some research in economic and social area in order to provide the solution to economic and social problems through IT technology.
    2. Focus on Okinawa main and distinctive industries, the Center provides the proposal to promote the industrial collaboration through IT technology.
    3. The business related ICT industries.
    4. The business which related to hold international IT trade fairs and business meeting.
    5. The entrepreneurship / commercialization support and accumulation promotion of venture companies which widely use IT technology.
    6. The business that related to securing, training and widely using IT talents.
    7. The business that related to attracting IT companies or doing IT research and development.
    8. The business that related to international collaboration exchanges with research institutions and industrial support organizations.


An 8-minute walk from the Furujima monorail station, next to the Naha civic cooperation plaza.