IT policy strategy proposal (Think tank)

  • Proposal of long-term industrial growth strategy which utilizing IT technology.
  • The analysis of the positioning in Okinawa, advantages and differentiation factors.
  • Proactive information dissemination on latest IT technology trends,etc
  • Proposal of the IT strategy

    Make the proposal of IT strategy which could support administrative and related industries, promote IT business model and provide suggestion of boost the business.

  • IT Innovation Report

    Investigate, collect, and disseminate information on the latest technology and innovation trends.

Strategic business production area

  • From 「IT × Major industry」created new business.
  • Provide the place to show latest IT technology.
  • Attractive conferences and exhibitions that will be a forum for business exchange between domestic and overseas.
  • Business matching

    In order to create new businesses and new services, through Matching businesses inside and outside the prefecture that integrate Okinawa’s strengths industry (tourism, international logistics) and other local industries (agriculture, medical care, finance, etc.) with ICT innovation.

  • Construct the Test Bed

    Absorbing the market needs of various industries, discussing the problem solving by IT approach, and constructing the Test Bed with business model hypothesis and demonstration.

  • Held attractive conferences and exhibitions

    To Attract and promote participants’ networking through hosting international exhibitions and global innovation events.

Startup and Support for human resource development

  • Startup support
  • Discover Human Resources and IT Human Resources
  • Training future IT Human Resources
  • Startup and Support

    Cooperate with startup support organizations in Okinawa, building complementary relationships with them and provide one contact window to service entrepreneurs.

  • Community Hub

    Create a foundation not only for nurturing entrepreneurship talent but also to implement incubation facility and future center function to promote human network.

  • Human resource development

    In order to promote business, list the skills which need to be learned and create environments for products and services that match market needs.